Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Style According to Ghetto Hill Mall...On Eid (Take 1) and OOTD

Good morning lovelies !!!

I finally woke up today after working 11 hours yesterday on very little sleep.
Here are my fashion tips for the shoppers of my mall :)

To start off, I always come into work AT LEAST 10 minutes early. So I enjoy watching the mall walkers and talk with them awhile :)

Yesterday was Eid, the Muslim holiday.
(Just picture it like an Arabic Christmas)
Well take one of Eid anyway, it was later found out that Eid is actually today :)
Silly Happy Eid again !!!

Anyway in Al-Eid alot of Muslim families come out shopping, showing off their new clothes, buying new stuff with Eid money, ect...

The first thing I see when walking into the mall, in the middle of Ohio, is a Saudi guy, dressed like he is in Saudi....
For an example I will show you my Halloween costume from last year ;p
And no, I wasn't drinking.

So yeah, this is how he was shopping :)
Style or not, he had balls LOL

Most of the styles are getting better since it's been getting chilly outside.

But I'm still seeing...
Girls showing everything but nipples and 'girly bits'
Old women dressed like young women
Men with their pants belted under their butt
and moo-moo's :(

But yesterday was mostly good things !
Lots of families out Eid shopping, looking all pretty and dressed up :)
Lots of cute guys :) Which never happens lol
But really nothing in particular that I loved so this post is basically about nothing
Sorry :(

Anyways here is what I wore to work yesterday...

Can you tell I love those boots ???

Here is my O.P.I. Love is a Racket mani that chipped off when I got home :(
And the pretty rings I wore :)

And the make-up I did in a mad dash not to be late...

I found something I don't like about the Maybelline Fit Me foundation...
It has a small amount of spf...that I am allergic too but it's small enough not to bother me...
However, it never photographs the right color...
My face is like a purple nail polish that photographs blue...
I have a summer tan, but I am not orange/red as this picture shows....
Oh well hahaha

Thumbs up for 2 Eids this year !!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Manicure is a MONTH : O.P.I. Love is a Racket : Swatches : Pic Heavy

Finally Eid has come and sadly I have to work all day :(

But I did my nails so that makes everything ok :)

Here is the gorgeousness of O.P.I. Love is a Racket

Once again sorry for the no clean up :s

This is 2 coats with China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base coat and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

This is probably the best red for my skin, even. All my khaki colored ladies check this out ;p
(Khaki colored people is a line from don't mess with the Zohan, so no offence plz)

This is about the same shade as Devil's Candy with a different finish :)


This Polish !!!!!

Thumbs up for gorgeousness at your finger tips :)

Creepy Feet : Revlon Masquerade : Devil's Candy

Happy Eid to everyone !!!
I have broken my nail polish fasting and here is my pedicure :)
P.S. Pedicure pictures will now be referred to as Creepy Feet

This is a gorgeous red neon jelly opaque in 2 coats :)
It's soooo shiny and bright enough for Summer :)
I'm so happy to have my polish again :D

Some pictures before the sun came up, some in 7 a.m. sun, some inside :)

Sorry for not cleaning it up, but I need to rush to get ready for work :)

Thumbs up for my feet feeling prettier ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011

I Can Wear Polish Again !!!!

Eid Mubarak !!!

Today was the last day of Ramadan, so my nail polish fasting is over :)

Here is what I ended up with in my Ramadan collecting :)

If I counted correctly I ended with 51 polishes :)
That includes some collections like
China Glaze Metro
Revlon Masquerade : Royal Cloak & Devil's Candy
& about a bagillion other polishes :)

I'm so excited to do my nails !

Thumbs up for a wonderful Eid !!!!

Revlon Masquerade Fall 2011 Limited Edition : Royal Cloak Swatches

Yay ! Walgreens had restocked it :)
Royal Cloak
The one in the middle :)

Yay !! again...

And Walgreens has the sale of buy one get one 50% off all Revlon products !!!

So I ended up with this...
Apparently this eyeliner is called a lashliner and will help your eye lashes to grow :)
I really hope so since mine keep falling out :(
Reviews after I try it of course !

Here are some swatches of Royal Cloak :

One thing to say about it, make sure you shake it before using it or all the magic flakies don't show up :(

Thumbs up for Walgreens today, good job !!!!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects : NumbSkull and Spun For You

They're here !!!!
Run, don't walk to your nearest Walgreens !!!

Look what's here my friends....


NumbSkull :
Plain white with black skulls...awesome !!!

Spun For You :
Metallic, sparkly silver covered in spider webs...
I'm in love <3

I only got these two but they had green with barbed wire, pink with fishnets and one covered in ghosts which I will probably go back for :)
9.99 at Walgreens

Good luck finding them !!!

Thumbs up for Halloween starting NOW !!!

Sinful Colors : Let's Talk and I Love You : Swatches and Review

Remember the polish I picked up a couple days ago that looked like this...

Yeah, I went back today to exchange it.
Here are the swatches :)

This color will not photograph well....
It is not blue like the first picture
Or dark like the second..
Now to help form this color into an image I will say this
It is as bright as the first picture, but it's as purple as the tiny place to the right of the second picture where the bead of sun hit it.
Sorry I'm so difficult.
Here is a bottle picture out side in the sun.

Which brings me to the other Sinful I picked up today
I Love You

This color was also hard to capture...
The bottle picture is the most accurate but the nail shows off more of the glitter, as this is a sheer, jelly, glitter polish, opaque in 3 coats :)

Thumbs up for evil purple hating cameras....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eid : Party : Make-Up Look

Picture I took quickly in a glimpse of sun :)

Ramadan Mubarak, Muslimas !!!!

Our blessed month of Ramadan is almost over, and that mean Eid is close !!!!

If you're searching for a fun make-up look for your Eid parties or any celebrations, I have two choices for you !!!

Classic Smokey Eye and Nude Lips

Or if you want a more colorful look...

Purple & Silver Smokey Eye
Red Lips

Sorry the lighting is so bad, it was raining when I took the pictures for this one :(

Silver shadow with some smoked out purple liner :)
Darker red lips

It's a party, don't play by the rules !!!!

You can dress your hijab up with something like this...
Pretty and you will sound like a bell if you dance :)


Shove an earring up in there !!!!

Inshallah the remaining days of your Ramadan, and your Eid is blessed !!!!

Picture I took quickly in a glimpse of sun :)