Friday, September 30, 2011

Nail Fail

Just wanted to see how it would look if I applied the stamp to all my nails, and being the shaky person I am, this was not a smart idea lol

 This is where I realized my thumb nail is longer than the rest :(

Some nails turned out good, most bad, but it didn't matter because I took it off the day after :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette : M-UOTD

That stood for Make-Up of the day, by the way ;p
I'm just posting the look I wore to work yesterday. 
All the shadows I used were from Too Faced's Natural Eye Palette.

Had to steal a picture from the internet :)

Here is what it looked like :

Let me start off saying that I love this palette !!! The shadows are so rich and pigmented, and perfect :)

Excuse the funky liner, there was a little to much glue on my lashes :s
I used Cocoa Puff across my lid, blend Sexpresso into the crease and put Push-Up in the inner corners of my eyes. The edges of everything was blended out with Heaven. :)

Excuse the next two pictures, the one with me smoking looks slightly pornographic...:s
I reallllly love my cigarettes :p

Thumbs up for the Chucky Cheese hat my friend had at his kiosk :)

Orly : Mirror Mirror : NOTD

Finally fixed my nails ! They are starting to be longer now, I'm happy they grow pretty fast :)
Just wanted to show you the mani I did before work.

Orly Mirror Mirror
Bundle Monster Plate BM21

I was in such a rush I smudged the stamping with the top coat ! GRRRRRR !
It was so pretty !!!!
Oh well, I know that in real life, no one would notice, because no one really pays attention to my nails hahaha.
So please pretend the stamp isn't messed up :)

Orly Mirror Mirror

I love Mirror Mirror and have ever since I got it. I don't remember it being this blue, but I still love it to pieces !!!! This is 2 coats and it's soooo freaking shiny !!!! I can't never stop moving my fingers to catch the light ;)

Hope you enjoyed !

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects : Christmas in September ?

I've been out everyday searching for Halloween polishes, make-up, everything, with little avail. However, my last trip to Rite Aid confuses me....
I found Sally Hansen Salon Effects
CHRISTMAS display....
Anyway, I picked up 4 of them since they were buy one get one half off :)
The one left over is a twin to the new black coming out in Orly's Christmas collection.

They all make me think of warm winter sweaters, except for the one that looks like a candy cane :)
I love these to death !!!


Jessie's Girl Glitter Eyeliner : Swatches : Bourbon Street : Emerald City

Even though all I ever use is black eyeliner (and lots of it) I broke down and bought some of the new Jesse's Girl Glitter liners at Rite Aid today.
The colors I got are Emerald City & Bourbon Street

 They have sharpeners built into the caps, which personally I don't like :s

Gorgeous colors, great color pay off, very smooth without any dragging, and at 1.99 these pencils are a win !!!!!
I will definitely be picking up some more colors soon :)


Calgon Body Mist : Red Velvet :

Found this in Rite Aid
Calgon Body Mist in Red Velvet

This smells AMAZING !!!!
I'm really surprised I haven't eaten my shirt :s

I'll write how it's described on the back of the bottle :

"Discover Red Velvet : A comforting world where decadence meets sweet seduction. A warm blend of of sensual vanilla, lemon zest and rich patchouli for addictive indulgence any day of the week."

Honestly it smells so good, I can't even have words for it. If you like sweet, sexy smells, go look for this, it will not disappoint !!! Wearing this to work...mmmhmmm ;)


Monday, September 26, 2011

Confetti Swatches : Happy Birthday! : Masquerade Ball : Dressed To The 9's

At CVS, they sell a brand of polish named Confetti for 1.99
Today I picked 3 of them up to show you :)

They have probably about 50 colors out on display.
From left to right : 
Happy Birthday!, Dressed To The 9's, Masquerade Ball


Dressed To The 9's

A burgundy with gold shimmer, 2 coats.

Masquerade Ball

A sheer dark base with dark red shimmer, 2 coats.

Happy Birthday!

A blue purple jelly with glass fleck shimmer. This is shown with 3 coats, but those streaks only show up in pictures. In real life you probably only need 2 coats.

Hope you enjoyed !!!

American Tootsies and Booties !!!

Since I showed some Palestine Nail Art, here is some American !

Sorry about the picture quality again, this is also from a few years ago and back when I had a crappy phone camera.
The back ground in panties, to explain the title teeheehee.


Palestine Pride Nail Art

Palestine, tomorrow will be free...
One of the best songs by Maher Zain

Today I am feeling a little unpatriotic considering some of the laws I just learned about in America.
Did you know that there is actually a little piece of paper that if you sign it, creates a legal oath ?
Sounds good now, but this can be used in horrible ways, that take away the freedoms of a person.
Let's not continue this discussion as I am usually proud of my country, just right now I'm a little mad at it.

So this mani I did a few years ago, its messy and poorly pictured, but the idea is still recognizable.

Red, black, green, white, and the Palestinian flag on the ring finger.
The fingers say 
'Ana <3 Philestine'
In Arabic, for 
'I <3 Palestine'

Just wanted to share :)
Here is the song Palestine Will Be Free by Maher Zain

RockStar Nails For PAA on FaceBook

Awhile ago I joined a group on FaceBook called Polish-aholics Anonymous, a place where people gather to talk about nail polish, share ideas, show each other what their doing with their nails, ect...
This is on of the groups that made me to decide to start my blog :)

Anyway, every week they give us a theme of what to do for our nails on Monday.
This week's theme was rock star inspired nails.
Since I'm not a fan of rock, I don't have the slightest idea of what to do, so I took this challenge a bit more literally...

This is the first "Rock Star" to come to my mind...

Any one who pays attention to my blog will now realize that half of the pictures I take look like this :

You see, I have a slight addiction to Rock Star energy drinks...
By slight addiction I mean I drink one everyday as soon as I wake up....

So this seemed very appropriate for me :)

Let's begin !

I started with 1 coat of Orly Royal Navy (Should have used 2)
& 1 coat of Nicole by OPI You're S-Teal The One
Then drew diagonal stripes with Orly Sweet Peacock 
The same thing going the other way
Then I used Revlon's Punk to draw a big star
Then outlined it with Orly Lunar Eclipse
Draw the little r symbols in, and you're done !!!
Ta-da !!!!!

So yeah, this is my interpretation of Rock Star nails :p
Hope you enjoyed !!!!