Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OPI :Pink of Hearts:

I just wanted to show you the mani I did in a rush before work :)

This is 2 coats Color Club Yum Gum with OPI Pink Shatter on top <3
I did this maybe 20 minutes before going to bed, thanks God it dried before I slept, but it chipped off a little the next day :(
I think Yum Gum needs thinned out a lil bit...
But even with pink shatter and top coat, it still smelled like yummy bubblegum :)

Also, I wanted to say, I got a million compliments on my nails yesterday !!!
Mostly from men, so I think I discovered man friendly nails ;p 
They were so bright and still girly enough to be cute :)
I loved this mani but it chipped so bad that I'm taking it off today :(

Thumbs up for channeling middle school and writing my boyfriends name on my hand !!!

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