Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Calgon Body Mist : Red Velvet :

Found this in Rite Aid
Calgon Body Mist in Red Velvet

This smells AMAZING !!!!
I'm really surprised I haven't eaten my shirt :s

I'll write how it's described on the back of the bottle :

"Discover Red Velvet : A comforting world where decadence meets sweet seduction. A warm blend of of sensual vanilla, lemon zest and rich patchouli for addictive indulgence any day of the week."

Honestly it smells so good, I can't even have words for it. If you like sweet, sexy smells, go look for this, it will not disappoint !!! Wearing this to work...mmmhmmm ;)



  1. I so want this now!!! Red velvet is like my favorite kind of cake/cupcakes :)

  2. i luvvv this stuff