Monday, August 27, 2012

Orly : Fired Up Fall 2012 : Flicker

I got this polish thinking it was red, turns out no, not really, but it is an orange that I like, which never happens !
Orly Flicker
3 coats

Bring to the mind, autumn leaves, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin spice lattes :9
And below is my blurred out version from Instagram, it brings out the shimmer :)

Fall is coming ! Are your nails prepared ?


Creepy Feet : Orly Naughty or Nice : Torrid

Post # 400 !!! Wow, that's a lot for one year !

Orly's Naughty or Nice collection came to me awhile ago and I've been loving my Fall colors to much to start wearing the Christmasy ones yet...
But this one, I must say is possibly one of the most perfect red polishes I have ever seen !!!!!
Orly's Torrid
2 coats

Oooh just a glowing slightly darkened red, so amazing !!!!
I love this color <3


Revlon : Sparkle Aplenty

Sheer black base with silver and black glitter ? Yes please :D
Revlon's Sparkle Aplenty

The pictures above are 3 coats. Below is a blurred out version from Instagram and under it is 2 thin coats, so you can hopefully see all the little glitters better :)

A unique polish to my collection, she's a keeper !!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Orly : Fired Up : Fall 2012 : Smolder

I haven't gotten around to swatching the Naughty or Nice collection yet because I've fallen in love with this color.
Orly Smolder
Fired Up Collection For Fall 2012
3 coats

Although it's showing up a bit plum toned in my pictures, in real life you can barely see this. I just looks like a dark glowing red. :)

Oh yeah, I'm lovin' it !!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Orly : Naughty or Nice : Holiday 2012

I haven't seen one Halloween polish yet...but somehow got a hold of these....

So excited to play and have swatches for you guys :)

Dream Catcher Nails

I saw this design online and copied it immediately ! I am truly in love with it :)
Colors used :
China Glaze ReFresh-Mint, Sugar High, Four Leaf Clover, Material Girl
Orly Prince Charming

In love <3
Google DreamCatcher Nails to find the original, I have no idea who created it, but it's so lovely.


Friday, August 17, 2012

O.P.I. Warm and Fozzie ::PICTURE HEAVY::

I was saving this polish for Fall...but now I can't believe I waited !!! Warm&Fozzie is soooooooo gorgeous, even after the four coats !
In the sun all the shimmery foil stuff turns pink !!!!! LoveLOVE it !!!!

This is a perfect Fall color, and I'm in love !


Creepy Feet : German-Icure By O.P.I

I doubt anyone here would know this, but my mama is German ! And Austrian, and some other junk too...hahaha
But mostly German/Austrian
So when O.P.I released the Germany collection, I knew I needed at least one, ended up with two ! :D
Here is the first one, Germanicure by O.P.I
3 coats

Hope you like it ! I'm enjoying all the lovely Fall colors coming out early, getting excited for orange leaves and Halloween :D