Monday, September 26, 2011

Confetti Swatches : Happy Birthday! : Masquerade Ball : Dressed To The 9's

At CVS, they sell a brand of polish named Confetti for 1.99
Today I picked 3 of them up to show you :)

They have probably about 50 colors out on display.
From left to right : 
Happy Birthday!, Dressed To The 9's, Masquerade Ball


Dressed To The 9's

A burgundy with gold shimmer, 2 coats.

Masquerade Ball

A sheer dark base with dark red shimmer, 2 coats.

Happy Birthday!

A blue purple jelly with glass fleck shimmer. This is shown with 3 coats, but those streaks only show up in pictures. In real life you probably only need 2 coats.

Hope you enjoyed !!!


  1. I have Happy Birthday as a untried and it's sooo pretty

  2. I know, and it's even better because of the price :)

  3. I have Happy Birthday. I think I have Masquerade Ball too, but I'm not positive. I do like the Confetti line.