Saturday, September 3, 2011

Break-Up Make-Up : Maybelline Fashion Week : Limited Edition

After pulling the knife from my back and spending a day smoking 3 packs of cigarettes and crying, I'm shaking myself out of this ugly break up and doing good :)

Here is some dark look I've decided to call
Break-Up Make-Up

For the eyes :
Maybelline Eye Studio in Taupe Temptress
From the Fashion Week Collection
Which actually shows up purple on me
Add some black eyeliner and fake lashes and we get this :

For the lips :
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Plum Shine

And once you're all pretty, you can start....

Ugghhh..what is that ???

Ooooh yeah, forgot that had to come out of there....

Kiss the knife he shoved in your back....

And blow it back at him...Muwah !!!

Thanks for reading :)

Thumbs up for moving on :)

Good Night 


  1. Sorry about the breakup, but love how you used it in this post. Super cute makeup and super cute you. :D

  2. I'm sorry for the break up as well, but you're lovely so all will work out.