Monday, September 26, 2011

RockStar Nails For PAA on FaceBook

Awhile ago I joined a group on FaceBook called Polish-aholics Anonymous, a place where people gather to talk about nail polish, share ideas, show each other what their doing with their nails, ect...
This is on of the groups that made me to decide to start my blog :)

Anyway, every week they give us a theme of what to do for our nails on Monday.
This week's theme was rock star inspired nails.
Since I'm not a fan of rock, I don't have the slightest idea of what to do, so I took this challenge a bit more literally...

This is the first "Rock Star" to come to my mind...

Any one who pays attention to my blog will now realize that half of the pictures I take look like this :

You see, I have a slight addiction to Rock Star energy drinks...
By slight addiction I mean I drink one everyday as soon as I wake up....

So this seemed very appropriate for me :)

Let's begin !

I started with 1 coat of Orly Royal Navy (Should have used 2)
& 1 coat of Nicole by OPI You're S-Teal The One
Then drew diagonal stripes with Orly Sweet Peacock 
The same thing going the other way
Then I used Revlon's Punk to draw a big star
Then outlined it with Orly Lunar Eclipse
Draw the little r symbols in, and you're done !!!
Ta-da !!!!!

So yeah, this is my interpretation of Rock Star nails :p
Hope you enjoyed !!!!