Monday, September 24, 2012

Creepy Feet : China Glaze Wicked : Bizarre Blurple

Back again with a lovely Halloween collection polish :D
This is Bizarre Blurple from China Glaze Wicked collection for Halloween :)
2 coats

Sorry for the sad state of my feet and toenails :(
I've been sick this past week and it was an accomplishment alone to get them painted, let alone...fixed...
I'll do better next time :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Orly Naughty or Nice Holiday 2012 : Miss Conduct

I keep disappearing...I know...sowwy :/
But I am back today with some AMAZING swatches of one of the polishes from Orly's Holiday collection Naughty or Nice.
This is 
Miss Conduct
3 coats
(Of Awesome)

What do we think ???
Gorgeous, raspberry, shiny, holographic goodness...
Like magic Unicorn Cinnamon :p

I was so sad to take this off, but 3 days of my hands in bleach and chemicals kind of left me no choice :,(
So, are we picking this up for the holiday season ??? Don't worry, you've got some time to think it over. ;)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Creepy Feet : Orly : Nite Owl

I was never really a neutral polish fan, until now.
I actually adore this as a pedicure color and suggest you try it out if you haven't made this discovery yet ;)

Orly Nite Owl
2 coats

It almost has a wet cement look to it, with a silver shimmer...would be pretty cement :p


Autumn Inspired : Falling Leaves

Not the best thing I've ever done, but I really got bored...

China Glaze : Street Racing
OPI : Fresh Frog Of BelAir
Color Club : Wish Upon A RockStar

China Glaze Street Racing, 2 coats

& of course, me being silly ;)


Orly : Gilded Coral

Sorry for being missing...
We've had some problems..or I should say I am having problems..
I will attempt to catch up.
Here is Orly's Gilded Coral
2 coats

I'd like to think of this as a prettier version of a plain boring neutral :)
I'm pretty sure it was released last Fall, and my Sally's just started carrying it in the core display. Hope you like it !