Sunday, August 21, 2011

How I Lost 13 lbs in less than 2 months, easily !!!

Ok my readers, I would like to share with you my experience the last few months and let you know what I did in my life to loose some lbs. :)

I will say this now, I am not a very healthy person, at all.

I smoke cigarettes.

I love junk food.

I'm reallly lazy.

But it really wasn't hard for me to loose weight. It started back in June.

I had started a job that required me to work 11 hours a day for 6 days a week, and 6 hours on Sunday. I was so tired after the first few days and I didn't have time to over eat.
We all know mall food is gross.
But I used to eat the naan bread and chicken makhani for lunch.
I'm not saying that will help you loose weight, but it tastes good :)
After working so many hours I ended up giving myself a fever and finally my boss gave me a break. I took a week off.

In that week is when my 'diet' started. 

I was weighing in at 98 lbs. I am 4'9 with a petite to average build, so I was a little heavy for my size.

This might be disgusting but hey, most of you reading this are female and maybe this has happened to you before...

I got my monthly visitor and something very unusual happened. I had horrible, awful, as bad as you can imagine, cramps. Being the tomboy I am, I didn't cry or scream like I should have. Instead I let the pain build up until I eventually became ill and started throwing up. This lasted about half an hour, and the pain kept coming. My mom was really worried and tried to give me a soda cracker to settle my stomach. I really love my mom, but I wish she wasn't such a hoarder...the cracker ended up being about 6 years old and not even 5 seconds after it touched my tongue, I was running outside to throw up again.
I eventually went to sleep and woke up feeling a little better, but still a little ill. 

Now I have no idea what caused that, and I don't care as long as it never happens again. But for 2 days after that I couldn't bring myself to eat anything. I was living off of RockStar energy drinks. It goes without saying that I wasn't sleeping well either.

In those days I realized that maybe this was my body telling me something.

I wasn't eating healthy, wasn't exercising, wasn't really doing anything good for myself.

So I decided to change.

First I changed my diet.
I removed all fried foods.
I removed all junk foods.

And I started exercising.
Push ups.
Sit ups.
And I got a shake weight :)

For the first week I was perfect until I realized how much I wanted sweets after a work out. I kept saying no, then broke down and bought a strawberry pie for the gas station.
That's really the thing about diets, you can't completely cut out the bad stuff. Just have it in moderation.

If your like me, then eating healthier isn't that big of a problem, but your sweet tooth keeps killing your diet plans, I have an answer.

Go in the cookie aisle of your grocery store and you will find 100 calorie packs of cookies and chocolates. So your usual cravings won't throw your diet off. 

I've been eating healthier, and exercising almost every day.  I took some time off after pulling a muscle :( 
But, Al7mdulilah, I lost 13 pounds since I started :)
I look better and feel better everyday and I'm really happy.

I want to help everyone who is struggling with their weight so I will have several blog posts with tips and tricks and things I like to do that really helped me drop the extra stuff. :) 

Thumbs up for feeling beautiful no matter what !!!