Monday, August 8, 2011

Giving up Nail Polish for Ramadan

Well wearing it anyway ;p
I'm still out there searching for the lovelies...Nothing better than a successful day of polish shopping :)))
Well I decided to swatch all the nail polishes I acquire during the month of Ramadan and put them in this foam ::thing :/:: and here is what I have so far :
Color Club Wicked sweet collection :
I always get my Mandarin
Wicked Sweet
The Lime Starts Here
Get Your Lem-On
China Glaze Metro Collection
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Bronze Ablaze
Nicole by O.P.I Sounds Grape to Me

Now mind you, this is only the 7th day of Ramadan o.O

Thumbs up for the sexy Crow <3

P.S. Ever have one of those days when your at the end of your paycheck, and you feel like sticking your head out the car window and scream :I'm Broke !!!!!: ??? If you save coins like I do, try counting them out. I did, and that means polish shopping ! :D

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