Monday, August 29, 2011

Sinful Colors : Let's Talk and I Love You : Swatches and Review

Remember the polish I picked up a couple days ago that looked like this...

Yeah, I went back today to exchange it.
Here are the swatches :)

This color will not photograph well....
It is not blue like the first picture
Or dark like the second..
Now to help form this color into an image I will say this
It is as bright as the first picture, but it's as purple as the tiny place to the right of the second picture where the bead of sun hit it.
Sorry I'm so difficult.
Here is a bottle picture out side in the sun.

Which brings me to the other Sinful I picked up today
I Love You

This color was also hard to capture...
The bottle picture is the most accurate but the nail shows off more of the glitter, as this is a sheer, jelly, glitter polish, opaque in 3 coats :)

Thumbs up for evil purple hating cameras....

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