Saturday, August 27, 2011

::Haul:: Clothes : Make-Up : Nail Polish : Single Girl Saturday

Ok !!!!
In this post I just wanted to show you where some of my money goes when I go shopping :)

It's easier to say it in pictures :)

Nail Polish from the last 2 days :s
For more pictures go here

Now on to some fashion :)

My new obsession is stripes :) 
 Stripes at Work :)

Stripes out shopping :)

Now some new editions to my stripe fetish ;)

 A gorgeous striped coat from Wet Seal

A lovely stripped shirt from WalMart !

My entire haul :
Style Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Fall jacket, striped shirt, Jewelry, Make-up.

 The earrings above I found in Claire's in their Halloween display :)

But this ring, which I adore, I found at a salon I had gone into asking about O.P.I.

 Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 350
I haven't had a chance to try out the powder, I got it a few days after the foundation.
But the foundation matches pretty well and lasted on my face VERY well.

This is maybe 10 hours after putting it on, some time in the middle of the night so I apologize for the darker picture :(
But it last me through shopping, crazy traffic, grocery shopping in a crowded Walmart, making dinner
Breaking up with my boyfriend X

So yeah...good foundation, I'm excited to see the powder :)

Thumbs up for searching the world AGAIN for true love :s

P.S. With all the time to myself, not much of a change actually, I laid in the sun all day and enjoyed myself :)

 Wonderin' & Wishin'
 Kisses !!!! 
Love you all ! Thank you for reading !!!


  1. Oh my, you are gorgeous! I love your haul, especially the spider earrings.

  2. Awwwwwww thank you so much :) I love spiders, my last 5 bucks will always be spent towards a spider that needs a home ;p hahaha unless their alive !