Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halloween and Sexy Body Jewelry

I got mail !!! is one of my favorite places to buy belly rings and their prices are great !

This time I ordered some earrings as well as 3 belly rings :)

Unwrapped beauties :

The cutest skeleton ! His whole body moves !

The main reason for my order...I am in love with spider jewelry :D

Saudi Pride !!! The flag of Saudi Arabia.

An old friend introduced me to Hamsa when he wanted a tattoo of one and wanted my hand as the stencil ;p
These earrings are soooo gorgeous !!!

And these were in clearance for .25 cents ;p

This I found at Walgreens
I can't pass up the evil eye or hamsa...ever hahaha

Can we tell who is mommy's favorite ??? LooooooL
Plz ignore the belly :)

Thumbs up for Halloween all year round !!!!

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