Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Style According to Ghetto Hill Mall Plus Shopping Extras

It's time again for whats in style according to the mall I work in.
Let's start with the bad...

Bikinis in the mall...
Ok first off, just no, don't do it.
But this was twice as bad because she didn't just come from a pool...
It was obvious she was straight from a tanning bed, with fresh goggle lines from the eye protector things...don't fake silly things like that....

Snooty women...
Not a style but in this case it was..
This older woman had a tight skirt and blouse tucked in, and a silver chain belt in her loops.
Not a bad look, but it didn't fit her age, and the way she carried herself made her look bitchy, sorry for that, but that was the image given off....

Dressing like your going to the club...
I understand the need to get all dolled up and sex-i-fied on Friday night, but chicka, it's Tuesday afternoon and you look like a hooker...
She was wearing a skin tight strapless black dress with a see-through blouse, high heels, and her ass almost out. And a giant fake flower in her hair.
To make this worth mentioning, this girl was a teenager going back to school shopping...
Whats wrong with people ???

Not wearing under wear...
It's cool if no one can tell...
But if you bend over and I see a full moon in the middle of the day.....just no.
Bonus points for white shirts with no bra.

Now let's move on to the good...

Light grey dress pants with tiny pin striping.
These two women I saw today looked very put together and still sexy.
The light colored pants shows off the shape of your butt.
You don't need to be squeezed into spandex to do that ladies...

The best style I saw today came from a girl who told me she just moved her from New York.
I will try to describe this the best way I can but in earlier attempts was an epic fail on my vocabulary :s
She was wearing a light grey tank top that was fitted but hung slightly loose with a black faux vest that was sleeveless and open in the front, and very small. Her jeans were my favorite part. They were tight skinny jeans in the most flattering way possible, and had symmetrical cut outs with revealed lace like fish netting over her legs. Her shoes wear black high heeled ankle booties and she topped the look of with a messy bun and nerdy Ray Bans. 
She is the reason all of those things came into style.
This girl is awesome.

Now onto some of my style :)

I went shopping a few days ago and ended up with a new outfit for work, among other things.

It all started when I found the most amazing boots, in my size !!! 
This never happens...
I have almost no shoes :(

They are so amazing, and the heels and platform put me up at least 6 inches :)

After finding the boots I found jeans that actually fit me !!!
I bought new jeans 3 time since I started loosing weight and now they are all toooo big :(

So here is the detailing...

Something new for me.

This is how I wore the new shirt, with a black cover up under neath :)

And here is the look all together :)

At work ::

In my mirror ::

From the side ::

Now for the other fruits of my shopping day ::

Jewelry from Claires

They had their Halloween stuff out :D

What I got in the mail 
Tanning lotion
Plus a Pookie :)

Now for bonus pictures :)

 Taking a sunshine break :)

IDK Thought it was cute LOL

 Me in a hat that actually fit my head ;)

And it says ::I'm not short, I'm fun size::

And what kept me alive all day
Actually 3 of them & a RockStar :s

Thumbs up for shopping !!!!

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