Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Creepy Feet : Revlon Masquerade : Devil's Candy

Happy Eid to everyone !!!
I have broken my nail polish fasting and here is my pedicure :)
P.S. Pedicure pictures will now be referred to as Creepy Feet

This is a gorgeous red neon jelly opaque in 2 coats :)
It's soooo shiny and bright enough for Summer :)
I'm so happy to have my polish again :D

Some pictures before the sun came up, some in 7 a.m. sun, some inside :)

Sorry for not cleaning it up, but I need to rush to get ready for work :)

Thumbs up for my feet feeling prettier ;)


  1. Your feet aren't creepy haha! And I would love to have descriptions of all these words and holidays you keep talking about. I'm so uneducated in worldly religious, but I want to be!

  2. Gorgeous toes, love the red color, who says your feet are creepy? Not I. I think they are really gorgeous and you have lovely toes, LOL


    George :)

  3. LOL ok Eid is basically the Muslim Christmas :) Ramadan is a month of fasting during the day. And thanks guys, but I'm really backwards. I hardly ever see other people feet at creepy but my own....they freak me out hahahha

  4. Mooni, you have really sexy toes! very hot ;)