Monday, August 29, 2011

I Can Wear Polish Again !!!!

Eid Mubarak !!!

Today was the last day of Ramadan, so my nail polish fasting is over :)

Here is what I ended up with in my Ramadan collecting :)

If I counted correctly I ended with 51 polishes :)
That includes some collections like
China Glaze Metro
Revlon Masquerade : Royal Cloak & Devil's Candy
& about a bagillion other polishes :)

I'm so excited to do my nails !

Thumbs up for a wonderful Eid !!!!


  1. I don't know what Ramadan is but congrats! Glad you can wear polish again!

  2. In our country, the end of Ramadan is today. I'm here in the Philippines. Anyway, I'm glad that you collected so many polishes. :)

  3. BTW, can u please support my blog by following me too? Please? Thank you.. :-)

  4. I know how you feel because Saudi is ahead of USA so were late too lol. Thank you so much and I'm following you too :)

  5. Ramadan is month of fasting in Islam :)