Saturday, August 27, 2011

Orly : Mineral FX Limited Edition Collection Fall 2011 : Swatches and Review

Today I am more than over excited to show you the new Orly Mineral FX Collection.
This is available at Sally's for 8.99 a bottle.
It is a little expensive, but in my opinion, MORE than worth it :D

These have to be some of the most gorgeous colors I've seen all year.

I will now shut up, and show you the good stuff ;)

From left to right : Stone Cold, Racoco A-Go-Go, Emberstone, Rock Solid, Rock-It, Rock The World

Now swatches :D

Stone Cold : A gorgeous darker medium blue packed full with hypnotizing shimmer :) 
2 coats

Racoco A-Go-Go : A deep shimmering purple that does not look black !!!
This is just 1 coat !

Emberstone : The brightest shade. Is a very burnt orange with some pink and orangey gold shimmer.
2 coats.

Rock Solid : GORGEOUS !!!! A deep metallic gunmetal shimmery base filled non stop with rainbow glitter that I assume is holographic.  
1 coat !!!

Rock-It : A deep raspberry pink color that makes me think of satin sheets and chocolate covered Trust me this is a good thing !
2 coats.

Rock The World : A mauvey color with pink and gold shimmer. I think this killed my lemming for some of the OPI's I never found :)
2 coats.

Now all of them :D


No Flash

In the sun

In the shade

There's nothing about these that I do not absolutely <3 LOVE <3
My new babies ;)

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Thumbs up for smudging the polish before the picture :( I was to excited :) 


  1. wow, there are some gorgeous shade there!

  2. I so need these! I am loving the Rock Solid and Racoco - also I can't follow you for some reason your followers widget is missing?

  3. I see it at the top left of my page next to the search box. It doesn't show ???

  4. I don't see it either. I see the word "Followers" up on the top right, but there is nothing under it.

  5. Look to the top left of this screen. There should be a button that says follow.

  6. Love them! My Sally's didn't have them. Boo!