Sunday, August 21, 2011

Loosing Weight Post 1 ::Dessert::

Ok lovelies :)

Here is my first weight loss tips and tricks post.
I just published the story of how I started, and you can read that here if you are interested :)

Now for some easy to follow tricks to help you get started :)

Once again dear readers, I am not healthy...
Here is my usual breakfast...
Hahahaha aside from crack, this is probably one of the worst things you can do to your body !!!

I am telling NO ONE to smoke or consume energy drinks !!!
I could loose weight without both !!!!
These are NOT part of my diet !!!!!

That being said, I am weak willed and enjoy my forbidden pleasures....I'm addicted....

So now that we know that I am not the healthiest person...we can continue :)

Today I am talking about a way to eat desserts without murdering your diet or self esteem.
Yes, it can be done :)
(And still taste awesome)

Have a hell of a sweet tooth ?
(I do)

Here is my solution....

(You can't see the bag of energy drink cans to recycle ;)

These are all delicious and the highest calorie count on them is 130.
The little bags of cookies, chocolate pretzels, only 100 calories.

Who doesn't love these ????

And these...OMG ! 
Better than a regular candy bar in my opinion, there taste is amazing :)
100 calories :D

Same taste, smaller portion.
Now this is the best way to eat the foods you love.
If your favorite food is high in fat, calories, whatever, don't try to give it up all at once, or even at all !
This will make you crazy and think about it non stop. 
Eat some, just take a smaller portion.

And what I do to 'reward' myself for a healthy weeks diet ?

My weakness....
I've since cut down on these since they end up being more calories than my entire dinner !
But every once in awhile I can't fight the craving :)

Thumbs up for fitting back into your skinny jeans :)

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