Wednesday, August 17, 2011

O.P.I. Ink is O.P.I. Never More

Anyone else is like me that when they LOVE a limited edition nail polish they use it very rarely because they are scared they won't find another bottle ??
I was like this with O.P.I.'s Never More from the mini set for Halloween 2010 Go Goth collection. And also the other ones, that collection was awesome :D

Wellll, the other day I saw in a blog that O.P.I. Ink is a dupe for Never More, so I found it at the mall and, YEP IT IS !!! 

Really excited about this, I adore this color <3

This is two coats on a fake nail, NO TOP COAT. 

My Ramadan collection is slowly growing :D

Thumbs up for sexy polish !!!

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