Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Whats In Style....According to my ghetto

Ok I have this idea to start a weekly post about the styles I see people wearing in the mall I work in.
First off let me say this : I DO NOT BELIEVE MYSELF A STYLE EXPERT !!!
In anyway, at ever, I can tell what I find appropriate for wearing to the mall, or outside for that matter ;p
I will not post pictures of anyone, because that would be cruel.
No names, no faces, no drama.
It's better this way, I promise. :)
So let's begin !


Sexy workout gear, like teeny-tiny, skin tight shorts, a barely there tank top and your hair pulled into a messy bun with a sweat band on top.
I can understand this if you just came back from/on your way to a workout session.
The women I see pair this look with push up bras, flip flops or high heels, and plenty of make-up...
Girls, we all have our sexy as hell work out get ups that make us feel good about ourselves while we sweat like pigs ;p But keep it in the gym or at home please, unless you really didn't have time to change before shopping :)

Belly shirts. With belly.
Really enough said, but if you have the confidence to rock it, I won't say a word. :)

Maxi dresses
Let me stop. I LOVE maxi dresses !!!! If I wasn't 4'9, I would own all the styles they have !!!
However there should be rules applied to these gorgeous gowns...
If it's shapeless, wrap a belt on your waist to save you from moo-moo territory...not pretty ever.
Don't cover everything and let your boobs hangout !!! Trust me, we know you have them ! Pull your dress up where it should be. :) A woman with modesty is more beautiful anyways.

Winter hats...while wearing shorts.... :s
This confuses me...ok rebels, take this one and go :)

I will rant more next week :) My mall is full of pure gold when it comes to weird people ;p

And just for fun, here is my work outfit. I work at a kiosk, so its pretty much do as your please :)

PLEASE excuse my hair and make-up !!!
This is after a 15 hour day and getting caught in the rain :(
Excuses, excuses, but it's true :)

Thumbs up for the hamsa and evil eye necklace, and bracelets you probably can't see here. :)


  1. I love a fashion web blog; are you a fan of Project Runway by chance? Love that show and B. Marie and I write reviews on the weekly episodes. She does a much better job than I can. I would say you have a winner of success here and you dress exceptionally beautiful...and love your sense of humor, another reason (alone) for visiting and coming back for more>


    George :)

  2. Seriously. What is with the workout gear and 6 inch platform stilettos? I always think I'm the only sane person in this crazy world when I see that. I just don't understand it. Lol!