Sunday, August 14, 2011

O.P.I. Halloween 2011 Zom-Body To Love Swatches

I found the Pair em' Scare em' set in Ulta the other day and couldn't resist :)

I already had black shatter...this one will probably become someones Eid gift ;p

Ok it is mid Ramadan so I am still not wearing any polish until September 1st, so I swatched it on a fake nail glued to a toothpick, because I find this extremely fun when it's a rainy day like today.

 No flash

Big flash

Since the fake nail was already white, and it still took four coats to cover the streakiness of it, I would recommend a white polish under this.
But baby, does it glow !!!!
I couldn't get my Black Berry to take a glowing picture and I'm sorry, but if you're looking for an amazing glowing polish, trust me, Zom-Body To Love is for you !!!!

And maybe this is explainable by the fact that it came in a pack of two ????
:s Hope so s:

Thumbs up if your excited for Halloween, like me !!!

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