Friday, August 19, 2011

Maybelline Fashion Week Blush in Ravishing Rouge Fall 2011

Another beautiful Maybelline product !
This blush is from their Fall 2011 collection called
Fashion Week
And it is Limited Edition !!!

It's a gorgeous brick red/plum color and is better for medium to darker skin tones :)

Here is a swatch then blended out with my fingers

And here is the result :

Up close with flash, but please ignore the pimple :(

I'm not sure of the right word for this so I will say it is subtle and bold at the same time :p
Verrrry pretty !!!

Thumbs up for putting so much make-up on when I'm not going any where :(


  1. I'm kicking myself in the butt because I did not get this while I was at Walgreens a few days ago. Instead I got Milani Fantastico Mauve. I must go back to Walgreens ASAP. lol It looks like the perfect fall color especially on my tan skin. =) Can you tell me if there's a lot of shimmer in this blush?

  2. This blush is gorgeous on tanned skin. It has more of a satin finish than a shimmer. So it's doesn't end up looking really fake or crazy. I hope you find it !! My stores don't have it anymore :(