Monday, September 19, 2011

My Stash : All of It : With Pictures

Since I'm still feeling lousy and can't bring myself to sleep, why not show you guys all my treasures ? 
Well this post is just going to show you my polish set up, how I store them, what I have, 
blah blah blah
For the names of my polishes click here for my stash :)

Let's begin !

First this is my set up. Everything is on my window seat :)
2 Melmers.

Here's the top of the Melmer on the left.
 And whats inside.
The top drawer is Finger Paints and Orly.
 The second drawer is Nicole by OPI, Zoya, Essie, Channel, Lancome, Amour, Nubar, Color Club, MAC and Revlon.
 The third drawer is all random drugstore polishes or ones I didn't really have a place for..
And all the patchiness is caused by the fact that I took my Halloween polishes out and put them on top :)

The Melmer on the right.
First drawer is all OPI.

Second drawer is the China glaze that ran out from the third drawer...
 I wasn't aware I had this many :D

On the top of this Melmer, I keep a little box.
My Mom got this somewhere, no idea where...
Nail wheels randomly on top because they don't have a home yet :p
 Bottom drawer has all my files and clippers and remover, stickers, fake nails, that type of stuff...
 Right drawer has all my nail treatments, top and base coats.
 Left drawer has stamping stuff, nail art pens and paints, nail effects.

And this I've already posted, but this would feel empty with out it :)
My China Glaze wall display

So there we have it. My obsession is now very well documented for evidence :)
Hope you enjoyed seeing it :) 


  1. Nice!!! I love those Melmers, I wish we could get them here in NL. We can get the helmers though so I guess that's ok.

  2. I love these posts :) Do you think you could do one with your makeup?


  3. Woohoo, now you need to count them lol!

  4. I think I paid about 25 dollars for them each, but maybe one was 14 ? I know I caught a sale once, I have 3 :) If I did one with my make-up, ohhhh and I counted them about 6 months ago, I know I'm over 500, but keeping track of the actual number....WOW no way hahahaha :)

  5. wow.. you have so MANY nail polishes..

  6. i love seeing other people's stashes! heh thanks for sharing

  7. Holy Polish. And my mom thinks my baby collection is bad! Wait til I show her this.

  8. Hi Mooni, my 14 year old grandaughter looks a lot like you, the picture when you look like an elf on your other blog, people think with that picture that she is you, you also love the same things: make-up and nailpolish etc. Greetings Mieke and Chelsea Kort from the Netherlands