Monday, September 5, 2011

Loosing Weight Post 3 : Dancing :)

The easiest way to shed pounds, build muscle and tone your body every where ???


So easy and so fun !!!!

I try to dance for half an hour every day. It really gets you going, makes you sweat and builds confidence !
I do it in front of a mirror and practice new moves.
I mix hip-hop with belly dancing :)

For some music, try Shakira Hips don't lie. Always works for me.
Today I found a new song I love..
Holding out for a hero by frou frou

And yes I'm making a dance for it :)

Turn on any music you love, and dance in front of a full length mirror to see how much of your body is working :)
Don't forget water !!!!!

Thumbs up for a short post because I needed a break from dancing ;p

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