Monday, September 26, 2011

Palestine Pride Nail Art

Palestine, tomorrow will be free...
One of the best songs by Maher Zain

Today I am feeling a little unpatriotic considering some of the laws I just learned about in America.
Did you know that there is actually a little piece of paper that if you sign it, creates a legal oath ?
Sounds good now, but this can be used in horrible ways, that take away the freedoms of a person.
Let's not continue this discussion as I am usually proud of my country, just right now I'm a little mad at it.

So this mani I did a few years ago, its messy and poorly pictured, but the idea is still recognizable.

Red, black, green, white, and the Palestinian flag on the ring finger.
The fingers say 
'Ana <3 Philestine'
In Arabic, for 
'I <3 Palestine'

Just wanted to share :)
Here is the song Palestine Will Be Free by Maher Zain

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