Friday, January 13, 2012

Essie : Spring 2012 : Play Date

I think its safe to say that I've found my first favorite nail polish of 2012 !
And not just that, but it's a CREAM & PASTEL !?!?!?!
Wow ! My taste is ever changing :)
I hope you all enjoy this post because honestly it was hard to stop taking pictures of my creepy little hand, covered in this pretty polish ;p

Essie Play Date
2 coats

 This is the most color accurate according to the light I'm in right now

 But as I move, the color changing bit by bit :)

 The flash makes it crazy but I swear it is gorgeous !

I just love how sweet and innocent it looks and makes me feel ;)
I feel like I should be in a polka dot dress baking or something hahahaha
It is opaque in 2 coats, not runny, not streaky, and it dries pretty quickly and shiny and smooth ! There's nothing bad to say about it :)
Possibly I'm in love <3
Seriously though, I passed by this polish 2 or 3 times but it haunted it knew my name and called to me from it's shelf...
Don't pass this beauty up please !


  1. This colour is so beautiful :) I think I need to add it to my wishlist :P I've given you the Kreativ Blogger Award, check it out. xx