Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Style...According to Ghetto Hill Mall and OOTD

I am home from work and thats mean :
Time for another fashion rant, and rave too !!!

Ok I wake up at 7 am and get home at 10 pm so my days seem long.
Maybe my patience runs thin ???
Here are some of today's victims choices...

First, the biggest offender: Wearing the wrong size...

Ok ladies, I understand the need to feel good by wearing a smaller size than usual. Honestly you need to deserve this size before wearing it...sorry.
I see shorts that cover everything and nothing at the same time...I don't know words for this look. :s
Wearing jeans so tight in the top that you push up your very organs into your shirt...not sexy...ever...
If you have a belly, hey, join the club ! Just don't let it hang from the bottom of your top :s

Ok I feel hypocrite for the next one, but hair...
I saw a girl today with her hair pulled back scalp tight into a ponytail on the top of her head, with a huge curly poof larger than her head AND a giant feather bow.
Your beautiful girl !!! 
Don't distract from your pretty face !!!

Thanks God I actually saw more styles that I liked today.
First was my gorgeous new friend who is here all the way from Saudi Arabia !!! 
((You know you love us sexy arab girls))
She was wearing a beige abaya with crystals going in two straight lines going down the front and a beautiful lavender hijab with floral print.
This girl always looks awesome, and is the sweetest person ever :)

Later in the day I saw two girls wearing different shades of grey all together, they looked great ! I love this style, grey will be the style this fall, I'm very sure :)

And the staple of today was shorts and tank tops.
Some girls made it cute, others made it hookerlicious.

And here is my outfit of the day :
Everyone loves doing poses, or I am alone ???

Oh yeah BIG thumbs up for Saudi love !!!


  1. Your fashion rants are cracking me up! I saw on pa that we live in the same city. If I'm guessing correctly, I live down the street from this mall. What a fun place...

  2. hahahahaha ommmmg yes this mall is amazing for people watching !!! If you are from Akron then you know exactly what I mean !!