Thursday, August 25, 2011

Losing Weight Post 2 : MyFitnessPal

This will probably be one of the best tips I can give you if you are like me and trying to get into shape :)


It is proven that people who actually keep a log of what they eat will lose more weight.
This is because we usually just guess at what we need, and easily forget that 6 a.m. Frappuccino and secretly eat that Hostess Strawberry Pie.....(ok, the last one is me...)

I have a Black Berry phone which is able to get apps. If your phone gets apps then search 'myfitnesspal' or diet log, or anything like that until you find it.

This has been my biggest help in my diet.
Not only does it tell me how many calories I take in, it tells me how much I need, it counts sugars and vitamins and pretty much everything.
 It keeps track of how much weight I gain or lose, my waist and hip measurements.
It keeps a log of my most frequent foods, my recent foods.
It tells me how many calories I burn when I work out,
It's just AMAZING !!!!!

Here are some example screen munches :)

See how easy this thing will make the diet for you ???

After you chose your setting, like age, weight, sex, how much weight you want to lose, ect. , it shows you what the healthy amount of basically everything is :)))

Easy as pie...not pie, how about an apple ? :)

Can't argue with these results :)

These either, I lost another pound !!!

Seriously, look for this on your phone, computer, whatever !!!
You need it !!!!
IT'S FREE !!!!!!!
Come on people, check it out !!!!

The one last tip I have for this, is that this will become your diary.
If you still have a diary or used to, you know the deal.
You tell it EVERYTHING.
If you lie or keep secrets from it, its not going to help you :(

If you have any questions, let me know :)
I'll help the best way I know how to.

Thumbs up for belly dancing, as seen above as my exercise :D
Maybe a hint as to what my next diet post will be about ;)

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