Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sinful Colors : Haunted Halloween : They made an 'Oops' and Swatch

At Walgreens today they had a giant stand of some Halloween-y colors so I picked up 2, at 1.99 each.
I wouldn't have noticed these unless they were in the Haunted display so, bravo Walgreens !! haha
The purple is Let's Talk and the orange is Courtney Orange :)

Here is Courtney Orange :
2 coats and gorgeous shimmery goodness :)

Here is the Sinful Colors Oops :

This, I swear, has never happened to me before !!!
Yup, I opened the bottle and....NO BRUSH !!! 
Nope, it didn't fall's just not there...
So needles to say...there will be no swatches of this from me today :(

I'm not upset, it is easily returned.
I know this isn't common for Sinful Colors since I own a few, so don't avoid them !
Just....check them hahahahahahaha

Thumbs up for a day where nothing can get you down !!!!

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