Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Style According To Ghetto Hill Mall OOTD First Cold Day

Today was a bit like this....

I was 5 minutes late to work...
First time ever.
I had 0 sales until 5 p.m.
I'm there 10-9...
Got a love note from an old guy wearing women's sunglasses..
I know because I have the same pair...
And I saw a look alike for half my x's friends....
Then some of my x's friends.
Weird, crappy day...
There was THIS 

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino
It made my day better..
That and a RockStar & a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino ;p

Today was freezing in Akron !!!!
I actually had to wear a coat !!!
Sadly, few others seemed to care how chilly it was and wore their slut uniforms to the mall :/
Boobs & Butt-cheeks were freezing everywhere...

I saw a girls boobs jiggle with every step she took.....
Why do that ??? 
If it falls out I'm not gonna feel bad for you....nope.

One thing I really hate seeing...shower caps in public...
At least use a scarf !!!!
You look crazy....sorry.

And now a question for my Muslim ladies...
Why do you wear hijab when your wearing a tight shirt and leggings ???
Aside from your hair color...I know what you look like naked now...
Please choose wisely when dressing :)

I really have no need to see your crack, cheeks or anything in between.... literally !

Speaking of pants...
Ladies, I know finding jeans is hard..trust me, I have thee oddest body shape.
But plz, keep trying ! You will succeed...
I don't want to see anymore muffin tops or diaper butts !
If we unite on this, we can change the world !!!!

Enough of me being a butthead ;p

My Outfit of The Day
& coat !

I know..it's to big :(
I'm so tiny now that I can't get a perfect fit without tailoring :'(

I didn't have any time for good make-up, so I just slapped it on ;p

Uhhh so happy today is done :)

Thumbs up for caffeine :D

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