Thursday, September 1, 2011

Orly Emberstone : And boo boo : Swatches

I did my nails in O.P.I. Love is a Racket, used an old top coat, and it chipped off the next day :(
I was then called into work....
So in a rush I re did my nails and used Orly Emberstone from the Mineral FX Collection.

Here are the swatches :)


On me Emberstone looks different from the fake nail swatch. It shows up as a almost ripe tomato shade, and I love it.
This was 3 coats.

And that is my booboo.....
I slammed my finger in a sliding glass door...:(
My middle finger is now locked & in the upright position....
Which is ok with me :D

Happy September :)

Thumbs up for making a grown man say "awwww" when he saw my poor lil finger. ;p

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