Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects : Christmas in September ?

I've been out everyday searching for Halloween polishes, make-up, everything, with little avail. However, my last trip to Rite Aid confuses me....
I found Sally Hansen Salon Effects
CHRISTMAS display....
Anyway, I picked up 4 of them since they were buy one get one half off :)
The one left over is a twin to the new black coming out in Orly's Christmas collection.

They all make me think of warm winter sweaters, except for the one that looks like a candy cane :)
I love these to death !!!



  1. My god...I don't believe it lol. SH don't you know how this works? You just put Halloween ones out like two weeks ago! The only one I like is the red/white snowflake one.

  2. I agree how do the have the audacity to not do halloween what if they had halloween in like july or june juts our luck right

  3. hello.. can you please follow me back again? i think you unfollowed my blog... :(

  4. oopsie.. i saw you again on my list.. i thought you left. anyway, the blogger is acting up again. sorry.

  5. Pam, my list says I lost a follower too :( IDK whats going on with it, but I would never unfollow you, I love reading your blog :)

  6. I'm glad that my town is actually getting this stuff since were practically the middle of no where, but I don't want to be excited about Christmas before HALLOWEEN !!!! LOL

  7. I'm jealous. I can't find those product here. I have no choice but to buy online which is kinda sucks.. Because there are times that the shipping fee is much more expensive than the products. Lastly, i still have to pay for its tax.. It really sucks. Huhu

  8. I really like the Halloween ones and got several boxes since the shelf life is 30 months unopened. Thanks for the Christmas picture post. These are just OK. I can pass on the Christmas ones.