Thursday, September 8, 2011

Revlon Swatches : Fierce, Punk, Emerald City

Today I have some swatches for you to see :)

Some pretty Revlon colors, two from the new collection
Edgy Elegance

One a matte suede polish I just fell for <3

Revlon Edgy Elegance

A gorgeous foiled fuchsia metallic.
If nail polish could fall in love, this would be Sweet Peacock's girlfriend ;)
1 coat

Revlon Edgy Elegance

A very silvery green foil polish. 
If you have trouble wearing green, this might work better for you :)
1 coat

Revlon Matte Suede
Emerald City

The first picture is while it was still wet and shiny.
The second shows how it dries to a suede finish.
A gorgeousss shimmering forest/emerald green.

I have some ideas for these colors, and hopefully will get around to that tonight :)

Thumbs up for being grateful you have thumbs !!!

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