Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orly : Bubbly Bombshell and Halley's Comet : Color Club Wicked Sweet : Clubbing Make- Up

Sorry for the small absence, I've had a rough night :s
My friend came over yesterday and we got all girlied up and went out dancing, where someone slipped something into my drink and screwed my night :'(
But before all that drama, there was lots of fun, that started by me doing her nails :)

In all our excitement of getting ready and playing on Chatroullette, I forgot to take pictures :(
So she sent me these today from her phone.

On her fingers Orly Bubbly Bombshell
2 coats

I hate how fast this stuff chips !!!!

On her toes 
Color Club Wicked Sweet, 2 coats
Orly Halley's Comet 1 coat

This was an awesome combo by the way, I wish I had gotten some better pictures of it !!!!
(Aren't her feet cute ???)

Here's a horrible shot of the make-up I did using Revlon Expressionists, Plum Galaxy and Night Sky shadows, and the light brown from Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion in Caffeine Rush.
I know you can't tell from my picture but these shadows made my eyes look amazing and let them show as a lighter brown than usual :) I'm really in love with them :)

This is how the night started : Lots of fun, listening to music, laughing, make-up, hair, nails, everything good :)

The night ended with my running behind our car to throw up and my friends coming to get me to make sure I didn't need a hospital :'(
I don't understand why anyone would want to do that to someone, it is truly a horrible thing to do.
I don't know who put it in my drink, what it was, or how long I'm going to be sick, but it really has me upset.

Aside from all that, in my cloudy, hazed state, I realized I broke my nail :(
So basically my night couldn't have been a bigger fail :( 

I hope everyone else's weekend was a much bigger success than mine !

Thumbs up for....well....let's just....IDK.


  1. I can't believe someone did that to you! That's horrible!! I really hope you start feeling better!

    Great colors though that were used. I love them