Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mall Fun Make-Up and Goodies

My look today, ignore the scarf, it was freezing and my hair was still wet :s
My foundation : MAC Studio Sculpt NW43
(I know I don't look that dark in pictures hahahha)
My eyes was super simple, smudged out black eyeliner with :
MAC Blue Sheen Mineralize eyeshadow blended on top
L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick in : Forever Frappe
Blush : Maybelline Ravishg Rouge
(I freaking love this blush !!!) 

Well it all started from a bet...
My boss, who is the coolest guy :), made a bet with me...
He bet me that within two weeks Fares (my x) and I would be back together...
I showed up today with a picture of my new man and....
Woooo Hooooo !
I never win anything....

So anyway I was up at the mall with my friend and we did some girly shopping :)
I got some sexy stuffs :)

<3 Victoria's Secret <3

Coconut Passion
::Seduce with Coconut Passion, a rendezvous of rich vanilla and warm coconut::
This smells absolutely amazing and soooo sexy !
It is the first coconut product I have ever used that didn't smell like sun safe lotion...
I love this and bought these 3 and a back of up the spray and ultra moisturizing hand and body cream. It makes me feel like my body is a dessert :)

Then I stopped by my favorite jewelry kiosk and picked these up :)
Even though pretty much no one sees my belly, I love wearing sexy rings down there...
I don't wear sexy clothes, so I have to hide mine some where, right ? ;)

The rest of the day went a little something like this...
My day in pictures <3

They see me rollin'

We pretty much froze outside !

Smoking our electronic cigarettes :)

Jashim ! A man I work with, he has the sweetest heart :)

And this is where the pictures become funny !!!

Yeah, take that establishment !!!!!

This was walking outside of the mall where construction was going on earlier and they had left the light on :)
The scary part is that the huge door slammed out of no where.....creepy :s

And always
I had a great day, just wanted to share :)

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