Monday, October 17, 2011

My Mattes

I bought a few matte polishes when the trend came out, swatched them but never wore them :(
I did a matte Halloween mani last night and realized how much I like it !!!!
Here are all the matte polishes I own :

 Index : Orly : Matte Vinyl
Middle : OPI : La Paz-Itively Hot Matte
Ring : Orly : Glam Rock
Pinky : OPI : OPI Ink Suede

I guess I have a new found appreciation for them now :)
Of course there are matte top coats that turn any polish into a matte.
I used China Glaze Matte Magic

Before :
I played with the brightness a little so hopefully you can see the shinyness.
After :
Awesome !!!
Matte over glitter is something I've seen online a lot but never did myself. I really like it.
How ever I still love shiny polish the most, it makes me feel pretty :)

Orly Matte Vinyl with a swatch of top coat :

Mattes become regular polishes with nothing but top coat :)

I really like matte polishes now & my favorite is black. Orly's Matte Vinyl is amazing !
So now you have something new to expect from me !!!


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