Saturday, October 1, 2011

Creepy Feet : Argyle Sweater :

In Ohio, it is soooooo cold :(
Time to go shopping for some winter sweaters.
Until then, I've just got this :

This is my first try at argyle sweaters for my toes :)

Let's see my unnecessarily long process...

1 coat of Orly Mirror Mirror
 Then 1 coat of Revlon's Colada Fizz
 Start adding diagonal stripes with China Glaze Sugar High 
 Then make more stripes going the other way
 Fill in 2 rows with Sugar High
 Add white stripes going across the existing pattern without following it
 Add stripes to the little toes using 2 lines of pink and one line of white, repeat going the other way
 Now see how I massacred the big toe on the right :( Stuff happens, that's what socks are for :)
 If it needs something more....
 Add glitter ! I used one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust
 Tah Dah !!!

One toe came out good, so I'm happy !!!! No one see's my feet but me anyway :)
Hope you enjoyed !
& Your staying warm where ever you are !!!!


  1. So cute!! I thought for a second it was one of the sally hansen strips lol.

  2. me too! haha that's what i thought also..