Saturday, October 8, 2011

Creepy Feet : Pumpkin Patch Lovers

Pumpkin Patch Lovers <3

Awww look how much in love <3

How I did it :

1 coat of OPI Skull & Gloss Bones.
 Stamp OPI Designer...De-Better! on the tips.
 Paint lumpy pumpkin shapes with China Glaze Breakin'.
 Go over Breakin' with Wet'n'Wild 9021 Orange.
 Go over the other toe with Zoya Rica.
 I wanted one pumpkin to be a little pink, to be the girl. It didn't really work :s
 Add Zoya Ivanka for the stems.
 China Glaze Haunting for the little faces, looking to each other.
 Color Club Gingerbread for the sparkles in their eyes from seeing each other.
 Then paint all the little toes with Breakin', and go back and forth with 9021 Orange and Rica.
 Then go over the little toes with OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air.
 Add top coat and you're done !!!

Hope you enjoyed !


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  1. The pumpkins are so cute ! :D
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