Monday, October 3, 2011

Wet'n'Wild : On The Prowl : Swatches PIC HEAVY

Finally !!!!
I found On The Prowl !!!!
It was in it's cute little display inside of a Discount Drug Mart, in a back isle almost hidden.
Ladies in Ohio, keep your eyes open !!! It has arrived !!!!


 : Swatches :

Ready 2 pounce
2 coats

Buy Me A Drink
2 coats

Cougar Attack
2 coats

Jungle Fever
2 coats

Behind Closed Doors 
2 coats
 3 coats

Tangled In My Web
2 coats

Correction Tape
2 coats

Ink Well
2 coats

 1 coat of Behind Closed Doors on ring finger, 1 coat of Correction Tape on middle finger.

Wow that's a lot !
I love this collection, but I'm pretty sure my favorite is Cougar Attack :)
The formula is wonderful in all of these, aside from Behind Closed Doors which is better for layering, the the 2 glitters.

I hope you enjoyed and find them soon !!!


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  1. Ugh youre so lucky you would think all the the LE products would come first to NY....I never find anything sigh