Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Christmas" Shopping Haul

" 'Twas 3 days before Christmas
And from under their rocks they did creep...
The last minute shoppers..
Those blood thirsty freaks.."

Yes I write my own Christmas stories...
Anyway !!!
Today I wanted to show you my massive haul that I obtained only through the most horrible experience EVER !
: Braving the stores just a few days before CHRISTMAS o.O
Wow it was scary....I don't know how people do that EVERY YEAR ?!?!
Let me show you what I brought home :)

THAT'S the kind of present you want under your tree, right ???

 First stop was Sally's where I found Finger Paints Special Effects collection ! Lucky me :)
IDK the order of my pic but there is Asylum, Twisted, Flashy, Motley & Flecked

 Discount Drug Mart landed me these beauties for some Christmas nail art later today :)

 FINALLY found Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect ! This is Fog. Also grabbed Gem Crush in Big Money.

 My CVS haul makes me thee most excited :D I found a ton of the new releases and here is what came home....for now ;)
Maybelline : Dream Bounce Mousse in Candy Coral & Hot Tamale. Color Tattoo eye shadow in Bad to the Bronze.
L'Oreal : 24hr Infallible eye shadow in Golden Sage, Eternal Black & Continuous Cocoa.
Revlon : PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara in Blackest Black.

And finally, from inside the mall "shivers at the memory", I stopped in Macy's for a refill of my eye brow pencil from Estee Lauder color Soft Black.
Then to Sephora to check out my love, Urban Decay <3
I got some original Primer Potion (I use it everyday) & 24/7 liquid eyeliner in Smog, my favorite from them and my bottle is drying up :(

So there you have it !!!
Aside from all the cookies and candies I picked up from Target,
(Seriously you need to go there !)
that's my monster haul :)
Hope you having a stress free Holiday season :)
I'm not....
But there are soooo many Christmas goodies to go around that I think I'll survive...just ask the few pounds I've put on ;p


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