Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Elf : Make-Up Of The Day 12/24

I'm slightly retarded, so this was my idea of work appropriate attire on Christmas Eve...turned out to be a hit !

  And my make-up which looks soooo shiny because of the MAC Mineral Skin Finish

 People wanted pictures :p
 EVEN El Hefe himself, Santa Claus !!! bwhahahaha! At least he didn't ask to sit in MY lap :/
Was sooo fun !!!!! I even gave kids candy canes :) 
Was a really fun and my friend created this also....
 Not bad for some Muslim kids huh ? hahahahaha He is very artistic...but for sure doesn't speak Arabic hahaha !!!
All the other girls working there added to it :) We made it perrrdy :)
And this is how I spent my holiday. I hope yours was very special :))))


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