Thursday, March 22, 2012

China Glaze : Riveting

I never read the Hunger Games, the movie comes out tomorrow tho...but I don't like the cinema so I will remain clueless until Netflix or Family Video get a hold of it :p
I do like their polishes though !!!

China Glaze Riveting
2 coats 

Now this polish is not as coral as my pictures make it out to be. For a more color accurate description, picture glass flecked orange juice, not from a bottle, but from a freshly squeezed orange because this color is ORANGE ! :)



  1. You should def read the books. I started off with the first one on Saturday. Im on the third book now I just couldn't put any of them down. Love the color they're a lot of pretty colors in that collection I just don't know which ones to get

  2. I really love this polish! I bought an extra bottle I loved it so much! Great pics! Thanks for sharing! :D