Friday, March 23, 2012

StarBucks for Broke Girls :p

This is something I've never blogged about before but since I think this is a great idea I want to share it with you ! 
I am a caffeine addict and I LOVE drinking blended coffee drinks. However, the cost of gas is going way up not to mention the drinks are expensive enough. 5 dollar coffee is ridiculous ! But soooo good, I know.
So I saw a commercial for International Delights Iced Coffee. It's already prepared, you just pour it over ice. Awesome !
I got some and blended it with ice, it was perfect ! So here is what I do...

What you need :
A blender
International Delights Iced Coffee
Coffee Creamer for flavor if desired

Put 4 large ice cubes in the blender, and shake in any flavoring you wanted, you don't need a lot.
Then fill the cup with the iced coffee until its just a little above the ice cubes.

(Leave it at the ice cubes level if you want a more, in this case, caramel, flavor than coffee.)

Now put the lid on and blend until the ice is smooth.
Easy, right ?

Caramel Frappuccino !!!

Now the best part about this ?
You have a drink that tastes almost identical to the 3-4 dollar version for next to nothing, but you cut the calories as well !

150 calories in a cup, and unless your making quite a large serving, you don't need a whole cup of this :D

P.S. The iced coffee is awesome by itself too :)

So as you can tell I'm pretty excited about this stuff ! 
If you try it, let me know if you liked it or if you re worked the recipe or created your own !!!


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