Saturday, July 28, 2012

Finger Paints Fall 2012

As we are in the last days of July, a lot of our favorite brands are sending out pictures, swatches and products themed for the upcoming Fall season. If you are like me, you're 100% excited ! I love the Fall. But, sometimes it feels as if they are rushing us out of Summer...bright colors, warm weather, mostly calm mindset....and back into the real world.
Regardless of how you feel, I hope you're loving/going to love some of the new collections out :)

Yesterday I found some new Finger Paints polishes from their Fall collection. Here are the 3 I picked up :

I'm really excited to wear these, especially Fall of Surprises ! Just the name of it puts me in an amazing mood, memories of Fall adventures and romances pop into my head :)
Hopefully the color makes me just as happy :)
So I will be back with swatches whenever this Glitter Sandwich decides to start chipping :p


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